Registration and screening au pair

After a short 'quick scan' you will receive a link to our online customer portal. Here you can easily request a video call with one of our account managers and you will be guided step by step through the registration process. 

If you have already found an au pair yourself, we will contact her. In the case of a mediation assignment, we will work with our partner agencies abroad to find a suitable au pair match for your family.

As part of the au pair screening, we plan an online interview with the au pair candidate. In addition, we review documents, references and social media. You can view the interview report and the documents via our online portal.

Application IND and preparation arrival

After the registration procedure has been completed, we will (if necessary) take care of the application for a visa or a residence permit at the IND. We guide the au pair in scheduling the appointment at the Dutch consulate in their country and in booking their flight to the Netherlands. 

You will be kept informed via the online portal of the progress. This is also the time to enroll in the au pair insurance and possibly register them for a Dutch language course.



After the au pair arrives within your family, the adventure can begin! The children unwrap the presents she has brought with her and gradually they become good friends and create a bond. 

The au pair is included in our event program and can participate in a variety of excursions, training courses, welcome meetings and Dutch lessons. When you come home after a busy working day, the food is already on the table and the children enthusiastically tell you about the fun things they have done with the au pair. 

Our agency’s account managers regularly contact you to discuss the progress of the placement. Before you know it, the year is almost over and it's time to start looking for a new au pair!


Once you have found a suitable candidate, you can use the self-match service of Au Pair International. We offer this form of service for au pairs from North, Central and South America, (Eastern) Europe, Australia, New Zealand and certain countries in Africa and Asia.

Through our self-match service, you and the au pair will be included in our cultural exchange program.

Would you like more information about how to search for an au pair candidate yourself?

If you would like to find a suitable au pair for your family by yourself, we highly recommend the website . AuPairWorld is the largest online platform for au pairs and host families in the world and offers the possibility to create a profile, make contact with each other, and make a match with a suitable au pair. AuPairWorld has designated Au Pair International as a preferred partner for the au pair program in the Netherlands.

We recommend that you pay attention to the following points when selecting the candidate:

· Age: minimum 18 and maximum 25 years old (up until 1 October 2022 the age limit is 30).
· The main reason for the candidate's stay in the Netherlands must be participation in the au pair programme
. A good command of the English language.
· The candidate must have a good internet connection (certain parts of the world this is only possible via an internet café) and an e-mail address.
· The candidate must not have previously worked for your family.
· The candidate may not have previously resided in the Netherlands on the basis of a residence permit.
· The candidate must not pose a threat to public policy or national security.



Thanks to our years of experience in providing mediations and our extensive foreign network, Au Pair International is perfectly capable of finding a suitable and qualified au pair for your family. After we have made an inventory of your wishes, we will work with our partner agencies in South Africa, Ukraine, Russia, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, China and/or Thailand to find the ideal au pair candidate. 

All candidates from our full service database have been interviewed by our foreign colleagues. In addition, an extensive file is created for each candidate consisting of a registration form with personal data, experience, backgrounds and photos, a 'dear host family letter', references, a health declaration, diplomas and a certificate of good conduct. Of course, we expect our candidates to have good English fluency, affinity with children and light housework, and good social and communicative qualities.

We carry out the 'matching procedure' with the greatest care possible. Each au pair candidate also has a selection interview with a Dutch employee of Au Pair International. Because we have personally seen and spoken to each candidate via a video call, we are able to make an optimal match. During the selection procedure, we always think along with you. If you still have doubts about a candidate, we will discuss this with our partner agency, and if necessary we will propose new candidates, until you feel like you can make the right decision. 

How does the full service work?

With a full service, we will of course first discuss with you about your wishes regarding an au pair. We then set up a search with our foreign partner agencies. After one to two weeks you will receive a first proposal round with suitable candidates. You will receive some photos from each candidate and the necessary background information. You can then video call candidates until you think you've found a good match. As soon as the final choice has been made, we will immediately start preparing for their arrival in the Netherlands.

Take a look at the FAQ or contact us directly.


At Au Pair International you can choose between paying in instalments via a subscription or paying once via an invoice. The costs also depend on the required immigration formalities, and whether you opt for the self-match or full service.

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