“I’m really thankful for being registered with Au Pair and for all the support I had in the Netherlands from your agency.” – Au Pair Helen form Brazil


The Au Pair program is a great cultural exchange program to take part in. It is enriching for both the host parents and the children, they get acquainted with another language and the culture of the Au Pair. Families with Au Pairs give their children a more relax and playful setting to learn a new language. Children that grow up multilingual reap the benefits in their schoolwork and later in their future careers. Most of the families and the Au Pairs build a strong relationship and bond. They keep in contact after the exchange year is finished and they even visit each other when the opportunity arises. The Au Pair plays a crucial part in keeping the house and the children in tact when times get busy. The Au Pair provides a more balanced environment where the family can relax and spend more quality time together.

Au pair

An Au Pair is a foreign young adult between the ages of 18-30, residing in The Netherlands with a host family on a cultural exchange program. The word “Au Pair” literally means “on par”: the Au Pair is not an employee but is seen as a full-fledged member of the family. It is intended that the host family shares the home with the Au Pair and that they involve the Au Pair in their family life. The host family will include the Au Pair in their activities and continue with their normal life as far possible. You celebrate birthdays and public holidays such as Sinterklaas and Kings-day with the Au Pair and take the Au Pair along on occasional cultural trips like museums and exhibitions.

Duration of stay

The Au Pair take part in the cultural exchange program for a continuous period of 12 months. During these twelve months the Au Pair will be living in The Netherland with a host family. The Au Pair will return to his/her country of origin at the end of the twelvemonth period.


Activities that the Au Pair may perform include babysitting and so-called light household tasks. Babysitting includes complete child minding or care, like playing with the children, feeding them, putting them to bed, organizing and coordinating play dates and transporting them to their extracurricular activities like tennis, swimming or football. Light household tasks or chores may include unpacking the dishwasher, vacuuming or preparing a simple meal. The rest of the time the Au Pair is free to do other personal activities. In this free time the Au Pair can attend a Language course, play sports or meet up with other Au Pairs, there is even enough time to see the rest of Europe.

Working hours

An Au Pair may perform the above-mentioned duties for up to 30 hours a week. This can be divided into 8 hours of work maximum per day. The Au Pair is entitled to two days off per week. The hours and chores will be divided and logged on an Au Pair schedule; both the host family and Au Pair International will compile this schedule. This document will be signed by both parties (the Au Pair and host family) and will be put on file.

Terms and conditions for host families and Au Pairs

The Dutch Modern Migration Policy Act sets conditions for host families and Au Pairs. For example, a family should consist of two parents and have proof of sufficient income to be eligible for the Au Pair program. The host family must have a private room and a bathroom that the Au Pair can use for the duration of the year. Au Pairs may not have previously attended a similar exchange program in The Netherlands and not constitute a threat to public order and safety.

Visa and residence permit for the Au Pair

Au Pairs usually need a visa and/or a residence permit to legally reside in The Netherlands. Au Pair International applies, on behalf of the host family and the Au Pair, for the visa and/or residence permit from the IND office.

Duties recognised au pair agency

The Dutch Modern Migration Policy Act obligate Au Pair International to keep record of each Au Pair, host family and the exchange year. Au Pair International is also obligated to inform the IND of any relevant changes, such as changes in the schedule of the Au Pair or a change in the host family’s composition. Au Pair International should also make sure that each Au Pair candidate and host family are carefully screened. In case of problems or questions Au Pair International will provide assistance and guidance throughout the exchange period.