Rajesh’ Travelling Questionnaire

Our au pair Rajesh is one of the four male au pairs of Au Pair International this year. Rajesh’ home country is India and he lives with his host parents in Amersfoort. Together with his host parents he does a lot of adventurous activities and travelling, so we decided to ask him about his travel stories and what he thinks of the Netherlands!


What do you think of the Netherlands?
It is a beautiful and clean country and the pushbikes I really like. Streets are very nice too.

What did you think of the cultural differences between the Netherlands and your home country?
Dutch people are more direct in communication and more social. The Netherlands does not have so many festivals. People are too busy with themselves. 

Which places have you visited in the Netherlands?
Lots: Utrecht, Groningen, Den Haag, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Breda, Zwolle, Delden, Enschede, Scheveningen, Maastricht, Makkum and so much more.

What did you enjoy the most, and why?
The excursions with the Au Pair International because I was the only boy between all the girls :).. And mainly spending time with my family I enjoy most. 

Which activities did you do?
Skiing, sailing, 4×4 driving and camping etc.

What other countries have you visited in Europe?
Austria, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Switzerland, Andorra and Italy.

Could you tell something about your picture (for example where it was taken and what did you do there?)
I was on the Euromast watching over Rotterdam.