Ervaring van Au Pair Giannina

Giannina is een Peruviaanse au pair die in maart 2020 in Nederland is aangekomen. Ze vertelt hieronder hoe het haar de eerste maanden is vergaan!

I’m Giannina, I’m 28 years old Peruvian girl who arrived in the Netherlands on March 11th. Some days later the goverment declared lock down due to the corona virus; so that was very scary for me because I’ve just arrived in this country, and everything will be new for me and that situation seems to turn everything more difficult. But when the days goes by I addopted a positive attitude because I still could get out from home and explore by biking around. At the beginning shorts trips like 15-20 min biking, to start to understand the traffic regulations  and culture for cyclists, and that was so interesting for me because here in the Netherlands there are traffic lights and preference for the cyclist and pedestrian. Also almost all the “fietspad” here where I currently live, Heemstede, are so beautiful and quiet and I always enjoy go biking around to the woods, the beach, the city, next villages, etc.

I think this is my favorite hobby here, go biking around.

So as matter of fact we weren’t allow to use the public transport, so biking was my only option to explore around the house and I got this like a slow way to adapt to this new country and its culture and it wasn’t a bad experience at all, by contrast it was be a good starting so far.

Of course I really enjoy to do other things, like working out, painting, photography, cook and I spare my free time to do that at home and when the weather is good enough I just go exploring around by bike!

I can’t wait to explore other cities in the Nethelands and other countries in Europe to continue enjoying this total different and amazing culture!