PLOG Ilouwna

Our South-African colleague Ilouwna is currently living in South-Korea, where she is teaching English. She has made PLOG about her life abroad.

A weekend away with a ginger in South Korea. So like every weekend starts, which is a slow and long Friday, I finish up my classes which normally starts at 2:30 pm and ends at 20:00 pm. By the time I’m finished I’ve made so many crafts, taught so many songs and hopefully taught my students something they can use during their English learning journey. But when the clock strikes 20:00 pm I’m off to find new adventures in Seoul.

After what seems like forever, I hop on a bus to the beautiful and vibrant Seoul. This is a city that does not sleep, switches of or slows down. There’s always something happening here. The hour and a half bus ride gives me a chance to catch up on some reading or sleeping.

When you get to Seoul, you’re pushed around with the crowd, nobody stops and nobody waits – you either walk or get out of the way. In Seoul I take a subway to meet up with some friends for dinner or a drink. You can find some of the best food here in Seoul.


Waking up in Seoul is a great feeling, because you can sleep in! The city only starts opening it’s doors after the night’s parties at 10am. This gives you time to catch up on some much needed zee’s and get the gang ready for a day out in town. One of my favorite things to do is architectural photography. So I headed to Gangnam a suburb of Seoul to take a few snaps of the most interesting buildings. Gangnam is known as the “Hollywood or L.A.” of South Korea. Here you can find high-end fashion, great food and even some plastic surgeons.

After we walked around admiring the infrastructure, we go look for some lunch. South Korea is full of different tastes and combinations. We try to indulge ourselves in something new every time. With a nifty app MangoPlate and GoogleMaps on our side, we set out to find something good to eat! My friend and I end up at this place called “Double Trouble” an American style diner with pizza, burgers and beer.

Visiting Seoul takes you on weird adventures and places. Some of them are just cafes and restaurants that have some sort of theme.

After lunch we go our separate ways to get ready for a night out. Seoul is one of the best places to go if you like a party. Everybody is roaming the streets and looking for a place to dance or a place where they can sing. Having fun is one of the things that keeps you sane in a country without any of your family or friends. So making new friends and participating in the social culture of Korea is what helps me through lonely times. What helps you through lonely times? Post on Instagram and tag Au Pair International and use the #nomoreblues!

On Sunday we just like to recharge and have a slow day. Before church we have a coffee or tea at a new place we found. We go to church and to lunch and normally just discuss what we will be doing the next weekend. Planning activities with my friends well in advance helps me to budget and have something to look forward to. We close the day with a dinner or a stroll through a different part of Seoul before we say our good byes and head our separate ways. We basically just talk and eat on a Sunday, the kind of thing you would do with family around.


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