Blog: The au pair life of Clemence – part 2

Sightseeing and funny situations

So, I’m Clémence, a French au pair, and I live with a French/Dutch family and I enjoy it a lot. With the children I speak French and English with the parents. The kids are bilingual French/Dutch and start to understand everything in English (impressive, isn’t it?).

I arrived three months ago now so I adjust to life here, it wasn’t too complicated because if you love cheese, fried food and cycling (there are no hills here, it’s a child’s play haha), you’ll be very comfortable and happy, for sure 😊!

I already visited a bit of The Netherlands, like Amsterdam, Den Haag and Rotterdam.

Amsterdam is of course a beautiful city but so full of tourists, if you have some free days during the week it’s the opportunity to go there (instead of the weekends), it’s a bit quitter in the street!

In Den Haag, you can get a map of the town for free at the tourism office, they are really nice. There, I visited the Maurits Huis, it was very interesting, and with the museum card the entrance is free! I also went to the beach, from the centre you can take the tram (line 1 near the tourism office) during around 15 minutes and you can finally soak your feet in the sea for around 30 seconds because it’s really cold haha. It’s a pretty nice city too, all the country is nice actually 😅.

In Rotterdam, I walked during 5 hours around the city, it was really pleasant! There, the city map costs 50 cents (good to have it when the Internet doesn’t want to work 😅). I went to the Euromast, a kind of Eiffel tower but Dutch and lower 😂, it’s 10 euros to get in and it was worth seeing! I loved Rotterdam because this is so different than Amsterdam or Utrecht or Den Haag, it’s really interesting, I recommend it!!

Anecdote of the month: I’m sleeping on the third floor of the house, and to access my room there is a door on the second floor, where the family’s bedrooms are. So, this Friday morning, I went down early because I had to bring the kids to school, but I couldn’t open the door. I was stuck in the stairs, great 😅, so I called my host mom, she was very surprised, as you can imagine haha, and she came to open the door. We finally found who shut me in and it was the little girl, she thought that was very amusing, but it would can be annoying because basically when I wake up, everybody is already gone so I would be stuck the whole day, not great then! 😂

Tip of the month: Don’t give the keys to children at the risk of being stuck the whole day with nothing 😅.

Second tip: If you’re clumsy and not used to bike when it’s raining and wet, be careful because the ground is very slippery. (I already slipped two times, it was really embarrassing, I’m not recommending that for sure haha).