Blog: The au pair life of Clemence – part 1

The first weeks of an au pair

I think the first weeks are a bit difficult for every au pair, because you have to suit yourself at your new life, and depending on your country of origin it can be harder.

Moreover, a lot of things have to be done from the moment you arrive, like the registration, arranging the DiGiD, creating a bank account, a transport card, a museum card and so on… not very funny things haha. But it can be the bests weeks because you discover a new environment, a new life style, a new city, a new culture and that is amazing.

During this first weeks you also get to know your host family, with who you will live for almost 1 year. So, it’s important to feel comfortable with the family, to communicate with the parents and to share moments with the kids.

You have the opportunity as well to meet a lot of people who could be great friends and with who you will share an awesome experience.

I’m a French au pair in The Netherlands (in Utrecht), and I enjoy the life here so much. If you hesitate to be an au pair in The Netherlands, stop thinking about it and catch the opportunity, you won’t regret it!