Au Pair Story van Elana

Elana is een Zuid-Afrikaanse au pair die nu in Nederland is als au pair, na haar au pair jaar in Belgiƫ.

“Being an Au Pair has been and is one of the most exciting journeys I’ve ever been on. This Au Pair year in The Netherlands will be my second one as I’ve been an Au Pair in Belgium prior to coming here.

Being an au pair is fun and exciting but can also be challenging at times, just like every other occupation you’ll have your down days, but it’s always good to remember the good days and the reasons for being on the adventure in the first place.

I’ve been able to travel to many countries, visited Disneyland Paris (what a dream) and I’ve met so many people from all walks of life.
However to me, the most amazing part of being an Au Pair is when the child or children finally accept you and consider you as being part of the family, calling you ‘grote zus” (Big sister) or “mijn beste vriendin” (my best friend).

Moments like those cannot be remade but they are truly cherished.
And being told by your hosts that they appreciate the things you do and thank you for just doing what you’re supposed to is so wonderful and amazing at the same time.

And oftentimes it’s what we need to hear.
To be an Au Pair you’re inserted into the lives of a family and trying to find your place in that family isn’t always easy.
I’ve been blessed with a great host family and even before I met them I already felt as though we were family and the day I arrived here I felt like I was home.”