At Au Pair International you can choose between paying the placement fees for the au pair events in instalments via a subscription or paying once via an invoice. The costs also depend on the required immigration formalities, and whether you opt for the self-match or full service.

Overview Rates

Below we have worked out which rates apply per situation.

You can choose between the self-match service (you have already found an au pair yourself), or the full service (we help you find a suitable au pair match). Below you will also find the costs that apply if you want to take over an au pair who is already staying in the Netherlands with another host family (relocation).

Important At Au Pair International you do not pay any hidden costs such as a mandatory contribution for the au pair's flight ticket, an additional contribution for the excursion program or training or costs for additional screening by a foreign partner agency.

Other costs

Other costs which can be expected when participating in the au pair program:

Type of cost


To whom



Room & board in your family

Approximately € 150 per month

A.o. supermarket, drugstore, restaurant, gas, water, electricity

Continuous, amount depends on your lifestyle.


Pocket money au pair

€ 76 per week

Au pair

Weekly on a fixed day


Dutch course

€ 295 – € 325

Au Pair International

Before the start of the course

Not mandatory, but highly recommended

Au pair insurance

Depending on the au pair's country of origin:

€ 336 – € 540

Insurer (e.g. Joho Insurances)

Before arrival au pair.


BRP extract of au pair registration and, if applicable, costs of TB research au pair

€ 10 & € 47

Municipality / GGD

At appointment

Mandatory if required by law (depending on country of origin)


The choice of an Au Pair agency that will supervise the placement of your Au Pair is of course an important one: you would like to be able to count on prompt assistance in the screening of your Au Pair and in handling the immigration formalities. During the year you would like to be able to contact an experienced party when you have any questions. It is important that the Au Pair is included in an active community of other Au Pairs in your area and that fun activities are organized for them.

By choosing Au Pair International you have the following guarantees:

• There are no hidden costs such as an obligatory contribution to the Au Pair’s airline ticket, additional fee for the excursion programme/au pair training or costs for a foreign partner agency for additional screening;
• Optional payment of placement costs in instalments and the option to terminate the subscription prematurely in the event of an unplanned premature departure of the Au Pair;
• Simply register and follow the process via the online AuPortal;;
• Fastest turnaround times for Au Pair visas and residence permits in The Netherlands;
• Complete service package with at least five free Au Pair events and free Au Pair training including First Aid;
• Professional guidance by account managers with a BA or MA degree.

All amounts stated on this website are subject to printing and spelling errors and include VAT.

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