“It gives me a warm feeling to know that there is always someone to support me” || Au Pair Julia from Austria


  • Au Pair Story of Elana Au Pair Story of Elana

    Elana is an South African au pair who is currently in the Netherlands, after her au pair year in Belgium.

    Being an Au Pair has been and is one of the most exciting journeys I’ve ever been on. This Au Pair year in The Netherlands will be my second one as I’ve been an Au Pair in Belgium prior to coming here.

    Being an au pair is fun and exciting but can also be challenging at times, just like every other occupation you’ll have your down days, but it’s always good to remember the good days and the reasons for being on ... Read more...

  • The au pair experience of Belinda The au pair experience of Belinda

    Belinda is a South African au pair who is currently in the Netherlands.

    “My au-pair adventure started roughly three years ago. I use the word “adventure” deliberately because there really isn’t a better word to express what a journey this has been (and it’s too much to fit into a Facebook post). I had no idea how insanely epic of an adventure this would be.

    This all started after my final year at university. I needed a break before venturing into “adulting”, or to put it more elegantly: I decided to take some time out of academics and have a different ... Read more...

  • Family Defoort-Van den Eede from Ubbergen Family Defoort-Van den Eede from Ubbergen

    We live far away from our family, we both work many hours a week, sometimes irregular and ever-changing hours. In short, our work schedule is not adapted to coordinate our time with the times of school and nursery. So the question came up, is it good for your children to be at school from 08:00AM to 17:30PM? What if they get sick? There are options like day care or someone that can stay with the children during the day, but if you have an evening out or a long meeting at night you need to find a separate babysitter, this ... Read more...

  • Family Van Eeten from Ossendrecht Family Van Eeten from Ossendrecht

    Welcoming an Au Pair to our family started with a sad occasion. In 2011 my wife and mother of our three sons, aged 8, 11 and 12, passed away. In addition to the grief, we had an enormous practical problem, our family was a caretaker short and we lacked professional and reliable childcare. Other questions arose: who will perform household chores and talk with the children while I work? I thought about quitting my job, when I suddenly remembered a couple that had an Au Pair at home. I had no idea what it was and what exactly the Au ... Read more...