Mrs. Jet van Bennekom, MA

Freelance Account Manager

After graduating as a pedagogue, I worked for 17 years as a teacher in vocational training for pedagogical staff. From 1997 I worked all over the country as interim manager, especially for organizations in childcare. As an account manager at Au Pair International I am a liaison between our au pairs and their host families. I also contribute with pleasure to the “Welcome Meetings” and the excursions we organize for our au pairs.
During three afternoons a week I also work as a pedagogical staff member in the after-school care in Utrecht where I live. My husband and I have accommodated international students for about 20 years, especially students from Russia and Ukraine, but also from Lithuania, Poland, the USA and Italy. Multiculti at the kitchen table, we love to learn and enjoy the international contacts! In my spare time I work as a member of humanitarian boards, for example of a foundation that supports orphan children and young adults in Ukraine. I follow classical ballet class now for over 50(!) years and my reading club exists almost endlessly. Every year I try to make a colorful jungle out of our little city garden.