Why do you choose for Au Pair International?

Sole “premium partner AuPairWorld” in the Netherlands

Au Pair International is the only au pair agency in the Netherlands that can proudly call itself a Premium Partner of AuPairWorld, the global market leader in online matching. We are naturally very proud of this! We have received this designation for the extensive self-match service that we offer whereby both au pairs and host families receive optimum guidance and attention during the exchange year.

Fast visa / residence permit processing times

Would you like the au pair to arrive urgently? We would be happy to discuss in further details the options for an extra fast procedure. The process at the IND and the Dutch consulate takes (depending on the au pair’s country of origin) approximately one month. Additionally the registration procedure that precedes this can – in consultation – can be completed in approximately 2.5 weeks.

Free participation au pair events and welcome days

Au Pair International believes it is important that au pairs make a good start in the Netherlands, this is the reason that several times during the course of the year, we organize a welcome day for recently arrived au pairs at a central location in the Netherlands. During this event we encourage au pairs to get to know each other. Also au pairs receive useful information about the Dutch culture, customs, activities that they can undertake with their host children and first aid. Thanks to our numerous events and excursions (including city trips, visits to castles, museums, the beach and winter event), au pairs can optimally enjoy their year of exchange. We have provided additional information regarding our events in the provided link: events.

Compensation arrangement and own emergency reception location i.e. a mismatch

Sometimes an au pair placement turns out differently than expected. Of course our account managers will make every effort to find an amicable solution in the event of mutual problems. In the exceptional case that a placement is not going as expected and requires too much effort instead of convenience, it is at times best for all parties involved to end the cooperation early. In most cases we can then offer a leniency discount on a new mediation service or self-match service. (A detailed explanation of this topic can be found in our handbook for host families.)

Moment of the mismatchDiscount
Within 1 month after the arrival of the au pair in the Netherlands 60%
Within 1-3 months after the arrival of the au pair in the Netherlands 40%
Within 4-5 months after the arrival of the au pair in the Netherlands 20%

Most complete service package for a competitive rate

Many au pair agencies charge extra for services that do not fall within their regular package. Examples are an extra charge for an initial intake, each excursion that an au pair participates in, an urgent visa application or an extra charge if the nominated au pair cancels a self-match. Au Pair International has the most comprehensive package of services of all agencies in the Netherlands, which naturally includes the aforementioned services

Expert and involved team of account managers and back office employees

Au Pair International is the largest agency in the Netherlands. Unlike other agencies that sometimes only consist of one or two individuals, you will receive support from a whole team of employees each with their own expertise. We do not have holiday closures and for the au pair we have no fewer than two emergency reception locations available. Moreover, the owner of Au Pair International has worked for the IND in the past and is well knowledgeable regarding the protocols of this organization. You are welcome to visit our employees page in order to better know our team. https://aupairinternational.nl/nl/medewerkers/

National coverage

Our home base is Leek (Groningen), but we place au pairs throughout the whole of the Netherlands. This is possible because we are an online based organization. The intakes with both host families and au pairs take place via video calling (whatsapp, Skype). The excursions and welcome days take place at central locations in the Netherlands. In principle it is not necessary that you travel to our office and in the event of an emergency we can always have one of our employee travel to your home.

Self-match service and full service

As an all-round au pair agency, we offer both self-match and full service options. Our most important credo is that, ultimately a suitable and well-considered match is created between the host family and an au pair, regardless of how the match is established.
With our full service, you as a family have to invest less time in the search for an au pair. With your required criteria, we search through a database of au pair files to propose a suitable candidates.
With our self-match service, you will undertake the search (for example via www.aupairworld.nl) for a suitable candidate on your own. As you invest more of your own time, this type of service is also less expensive.
For an overview of our rates, please click on the available link: https://aupairinternational.nl/nl/tarieven/