Country:South Africa
Date of birth:12-5-1994
Present occupation/ profession:Waitress
Native language:English (fluent) and Afrikaans (moderate)
Short description of yourself:I am an outgoing person who loves adventure and laughter more than anything in the world. My biggest downfall is probably that I can get over excited at times and slightly rambunctious. One of my favourite sayings that I like to live by is "never forget to enjoy the little things". I enjoy doing anything to do with the water and am a qualified sailor, power boat driver and scuba diver. I enjoy being outdoors, taking walks through new places and soaking up good views.
Highest education:Matric and vocational education
Experience with cooking: Yes
Can you ride a bicycle:Yes
Are you willing to work with babies:Yes
Are you willing to work with families with more than 2 children:Yes
Characteristics:Proactive, patient, friendly, optimistic, caring, sportive