"You guys always do a great job in doing the best you can for us au pairs! I really do appreciate it!” || Au Pair Leah from South Africa


What are the registering fees?

You can find our fees at the following webpage: https://aupairinternational.nl/en/fees

How much is the pocket money and when do we pay it?

The pocket money contains € 340,- per month. We advise you to pay the pocket money weekly on a set day, to avoid miscommunication. The amount of the weekly pocket money is €76,-.

Who pays for the flight ticket?

We advise to let the au pair pay for his/her own flight ticket.

How can I register with your agency?

1.Send an email with your name and phone number to info@aupairinternational.nl.
2.Give us a call on +31 (0)050-5020005.
3.Complete our contact form in the blue banner (please scroll down)

We look forward to welcoming you in our programme!

How lang does the visa procedure take?

From the moment that we submit the application for the visa, it will usually take 5 weeks before the au pair can pick up his/her visa at the Dutch consulate in his/her country. When the au pair has received the visa, he/she can depart to the Netherlands. The duration at the Dutch consulate differ in every country.

What contains board and lodging?

The au pair stays at your house on an All Inclusive base. This contains for example food and personal care products.

What happens in case of a mismatch?

In case of a mismatch, we offer a discount on the next full service or selfmatch service. The discount is depending on the moment of the mismatch. The discount is not applicable on the re-match service. You can find the applicable discounts on the following webpage: https://aupairinternational.nl/en/fees

Do you have re-match candidates available?

When you would like to take over an au pair who is already placed in the Netherland with another family, but wants to be rematched, there are rematch fees involved.
The administration costs for the rematch procedure (registration new host family and/or Au Pair, report IND, counselling during the Au Pair year), are € 411,40.
For more information you can request our manual for re-match.
You can call our office to ask for available re-match candidates: +31 (0)050-5020005.

What does the au pair insurance cover?

An au pair insurance is obligated when registering with our agency, since it provides coverage for important matters that are not covered with the basic health insurance, such as:

• medical expenses* from the moment the au pair travels to the Netherlands and when she returns to her home country
• medical expenses* during holidays
• cover for the deductible (“own risk”) of the basic health insurance**
• calamities, such as medical repatriation of the au pair to her home country, death of the au pair or unforeseen travel expenses when family of the au pair is seriously ill or passed away.
• personal liability of the au pair
• the au pair’s luggage

* Unfornseen emergency medical treatment, usualy the result of an accident or unexpected illness.
** Offered to you by ISIS Au pair Insurance

Once you arranged a special au pair insurance, you also (partially) fulfill your duty of care towards the au pair.
You can apply for the au pair insurance via the following website: https://www.aupairverzekeringen.nl/en/gastgezin/aupairinsurance