We offer our Au Pairs the opportunity to participate in 8 different Au Pair events, where we organize different excursions throughout the year. The excursions can range from visiting the Keukenhof Castle or a cozy afternoon bowling. Every excursion is kicked off with an icebreaker game with all the Au Pairs attending, so that they can get better acquainted. This will help the Au Pairs bond and form new friendships for the rest of their year.

We announce all Au Pair events via our Facebook page and email. These excursions or events welcomes all our Au Pairs registered with Au Pair International. Our Au Pairs have the opportunity to attend three of these events per year, absolutely free of charge. We try to keep the expenses as low as possible, so that all our Au Pairs can enjoy the opportunities we present to them. We hope to see more and more of our Registered Au Pairs at our events.