Family Van Eeten from Ossendrecht

Welcoming an Au Pair to our family started with a sad occasion. In 2011 my wife and mother of our three sons, aged 8, 11 and 12, passed away. In addition to the grief, we had an enormous practical problem, our family was a caretaker short and we lacked professional and reliable childcare. Other questions arose: who will perform household chores and talk with the children while I work? I thought about quitting my job, when I suddenly remembered a couple that had an Au Pair at home. I had no idea what it was and what exactly the Au Pair program entailed, but I saw it as the last straw, and I immediately started doing my research.

The Au Pair program helped my family in a big way. I could continue working and provide for my family. I was satisfied that there was someone at home who would help the kids and assist with household chores like cooking, cleaning and general help.

On top of that the Au Pair provides an international atmosphere and gives our household that consists of males, a feminine touch. She bakes cakes with the kids and talks to them in a foreign language. An Au Pair enriches a family in a whole other way; we can say that we are “culturally richer”. We have learned so much about the world, Europe, and our own country with the influence of the Au Pairs. Au Pairs travel a lot during weekends and they share their experiences with our family. All our Au Pairs had a difficult time leaving, but we keep in touch and we have visited all four of our Au Pairs in their home countries. In retrospect, I’ve started too late with the Au Pair program. My wife and I could’ve prevented a lot of stress and worries that come with raising children. Those who want to participate in the Au Pair program should be open-minded and flexible enough to take anyone in to your home. It is a refreshing break and an enriching experience for my children and me.

Over four years ago I have selected Au Pair International from a wide range of Au Pair agencies. It was one of the few agencies that were approved by the IND. Au Pair International actively supports the host family and the Au Pair from beginning to end. Au Pair International is always open answer any queries or questions and has the knowledge and experience to help. Our (former) Au Pairs have appreciated the activities Au Pair International organizes for them.